Matt Hogan excels in both the technical and creative aspects of mixing. He has a wide range of experience including multi-tracked full band recordings, live to 2-track Livestream performances, TV/Web series, podcasts, celebrity interviews, and live radio broadcast. 


Matt Hogan is an experienced tracking engineer that has worked in studios featuring a variety of analog, digital, and hybrid setups. He is able to work on many of the most popular consoles featured in recording studios around the world and has extensive knowledge of microphones and recording techniques to faithfully capture the sound from any instrument. 

As an active performer and recording artist, Matt is familiar with the desires and mindset of a recording musician and can empathize with their creative vision. His experience has enabled him to have a greater understanding band dynamics, and how to keep momentum flowing throughout a project, as well as knowing what a musician needs to feel comfortable throughout the recording process.

He is fully equipped with 16 channels of I/O and a Pro Tools system, all contained within a mobile rig allowing multi-track recording and to be done at any location. 


From songwriting and arranging, mixing and mastering, hiring outside musical or voice talent, designing an album cover, planning release formats and distribution strategies, launching your website, even just figuring out how to pay for your project...Matt is connected to many talented individuals around the LA area and beyond that can help you stay focused on the music.