Skating Balkan Monuments

It's not often that I'm visually captivated by a skateboard film. Don't get my wrong, I love watching the new Thrasher clips and seeing progression, lifestyle, and personalities, but it's not often that you'll find a skateboarding video focused on the visual aspect of storytelling, and not just the biggest gaps or rails. There's a primal feeling we all have as skaters when we see wild architecture or new spots that says, "How can I skate this?". 

This video from directors David & Douglas captivated me for that reason, it captures that feeling of finding a new spot and seeing it through the lens of a skateboarder for the first time. Pair that with beautiful camera work and editing (Shot on RED EPIC W w/ Hawk Anamorphic V-lite Vintage '74 x1.3 • Bolex Rex5 Super 16) and you'll quickly be immersed in the adventure like I was the first time I watched it.